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>> Paul Cook quoted:
>> > Mr. Gates acknowledged today that the
>> > company's error reporting service
>> > indicated that 5 percent of all
>> > Windows-based computers now crash more
>> > than twice each day.

>> Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the
>> wall looking at the monitor screens in
>> Redmond so you could know:
>> 1) _Which_ WinOSs are crashing that often?
>> 2) How much "more than twice"? Remember,
>> that means _at least_ three times,
>> which, if the users have as much screen
>> state to recover as I do, means at
>> least 45 minutes of productivity lost
>> every day due to use of defective
>> tools. That's a huge hit in an eight
>> hour business workday.
>> 3) Don't you just really wonder what
>> fraction are crashing at least once a
>> day, at least twice a day, very much
>> less than once a day, broken down again
>> by which WinOS?
>> 4) Microsoft must die! [You knew that.]
>> xanthian.

> I once saw an analogy that Windows 95 was like a plane that explodes when
> you start using it. Then Windows NT was a plane that not only exploded,
> but made every other plane within 500 miles explode as well. Linux was
> referred to as a grand ride, but few people took it because you had to
> install the seat yourself before the flight.
> I like Windows. It's been, what, eight years since Windows 95, and now I
> have XP Pro, which has crashed once or less (I can't quite remember if it
> did or not), in 8 months for me. The visuals are stunning compared to
> Linux. The multitasking is grand, and things are easy, and I am able to do
> most of what I want because I am skilled at using simple tools to enact
> grand schemes. Eight years. What is that in the larger time of computing,
> from the abacus to the calculator to the large scale mainframes, to the
> personal computers? One crash. Maybe.
> As we wish to do more and more complex things with our computer, that
> Linux seat installation becomes more and more difficult, while the Windows
> plane explodes less and less frequently.
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I tried installing xp on my girls pc due to school obligations but after
struggling with the install from the local cd, it then refused to see the
local cd once it was installed!

Interesting, so it installs of a cd that it cannot see once installed?

Pile of crap so the girls are quite happy staying on Linux and doing a lot
more than just the piddly little word assignments from school.

I think they see it as quite a lauch that their friends are constantly
plagued by crashes and viruses whist they have never experienced one since
changing to Linux.