Hi, Im wondering if you could give some idea of something that I believe is related to a virus. Awhile back, in the Start menu list, the "My Computer" was replaced with "65" next to its icon - I use Win XP, and the cursor sometimes moves on its own, and I am unsure of what virus caused this and how to fix it. If you know, maybe you can help me please? I remember one thing, I accidently clicked on a link on msn when I tried to close down the rubbish message from someone which I believe didnt know they sent a virus - the link was called "they have blocked you" and took me to a site that detected if someone had deleted and blocked me. I knew I was doomed after I clicked that link as I never wanted to in the first place but my stupid hand went over and clicked on it instead of the X button. I immediately went to system restore to an earlier restore checkpoint of 2 days earlier than that day, to try and get rid of the virus, but doesnt seem it did much good and I didnt notice the "65" until weeks later for some strange reason! If you have any ideas of how I can fix the problem, that would be great thanks