An acquaintance has several networked PCs running XP Pro. Shared files are
kept in the "Shared" folder on one of the PCs. A few weeks back, on one PC,
WordPerfect could not access the shared folder on another PC. Other
applications can access that folder, and WP can access other network

As a workaround I put a shortcut to the folder in her "My Documents"
folder, which did allow access. This week another computer on the network
started exhibiting the identical problem. At this point she realized that
the problem occurred on each machine after an automatic Windows update was
allowed run. The user of the second computer has been very busy and kept
refusing the update, when it was allowed to go ahead, the problem occurred.

I assume the update changes some access control setting. I didn't think XP
allowed access control quite that fine, but I'm not an XP guru. Any
suggestions on where I should look, or what I should try tweaking to
eliminate the problem?

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