We are a pure Microsoft LAN. We have a new graphics person coming on
board. Normally, they always say " I want mac only" but this girl
indicated she was flexible, and would have no problem accepting a PC.

Anyone know a screaming fast PC that would be good for graphics work?

The mac we'd have to buy was $2500, so I have that much to work with.

I found this one, but its a bit racy for business, and I dont need
large hard drives, as everything gets stored on the server.


I can't get a mac because I would have to maintain it, and I dont
anything about them.

The person will be running the whole adobe suite, cs3 version, IE7,
and Windows Media Player

office 2007, real alternative, quicktime alternative, Microsoft
Expression web designer, and Silverlight

Active Directory, and a desktop so locked down, they cannot install
ANYTHING without permission from me.
If theres a business justification, no problem, I'll install it.

thanks in advance