Hi, i have a NS7-S rev.1.5 with the last bios update.
I am trying to install a new hard drive (my first sata hd) Samsung HD501LJ
500GB, the hd works fine when i made the partitions (the first is of 126
Gb) and the format (i made it with my master ide hd and i can use the hd
like a slave without problems).

The problem begins when i try to install the XP SP2 in the sata, i want
that this hd work alone. I disconnect my master ide with the xp, and begin
to install the xp in this sata.
I use the sata drivers disk pressing F6, all works and the xp begin to
install in the hd, but when the system makes the first reboot for continue
the install, it gives me this error INT13/02h Read error (AX=0100, DL=
80) and i can't continue, please i need your help any one can give me a