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  1. [COLOR="Green"]I currently have an issue with some DR equipment (same manufacturer). The kit is working fine but the images are not presenting themselves on PACS in the same way as the other modalities.

    When we have someone in for an xray of their knees, for example, we may well take up to 6 views of the body part under investigation.
    Our CR (and other manufacturers DR) files arrive where each view is a series with images within it. The DICOM bar at the bottom of the screen appears thus:

    S: 1/4 I: 1/1
    S: 2/4 I: 1/1
    S: 3/4 I: 1/1 etc

    On the DR kit that we are having the problem with the files appear to be sent as a packet i.e

    S: 1/1 I: 3/4


    it seems that all view taken under single study has a single series.It need analysis of DCM Header.If you can send me DCM dump of these view i can tell you what is exactly cause.Send me dump on
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