Running 2008.0PP 64-bit on my laptop away from home today, MCC Network
Centre showed the router to which I wanted to connect.
I entered the router's alphanumeric WPA key, which began with three
uppercase letters, but failed to get a connection. Tried twice, then
booted Vista, which connected first time.
Tried 2008.0 again; failed again. So hit the 'Configure' button to
check the key, and found that the first three characters (which I had
entered carefully in upper case) now appeared in *lowercase*, which I
assume had caused the failure.

So we changed the router's WPA key to a letters-only value, upon which
2008.0 connected immediately.

Can anyone hazaard a guess as to how the uppercase letters at the
start of the alphanumeric key came to be lowercased?
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