1) xsane - Brother wrote to me today and agreed that I had found a bug but
it had been fixed with a new driver, brscan3. I replaced brscan2 with the
new one. It ran flawlessly.

2) At midday, the Atheros wireless module which I installed in place of
the supplied one was giving me pretty good range.

Tonight, I cannot get it to even connect! I think this is a router problem.

3) 2009.0 is definitely booting faster than the beta and rc versions.

4) Skype is mostly if not completely working. The camera and video
tests properly but as reported in another thread, the audio is not working.
I haven't had time to test that thoroughly yet.

5) Vmware Server - 1.0.6 gave trouble but version 2.0 came up with little
effort although I have yet to try a virtual guest.

One remaining irritant, there are two of those EN icons that promise a
swicth to an oriental language if clicked. I would like to lose both of