On 2008-10-14, Sindhu wrote:
>> While digging through the various kernel configuration options is usefull
>> for learning, I doubt you'll find much of a difference, unless the
>> current Mandriva kernel is failing to work with some of your hardware.

> after i upgraded to mandriva 2009, am having a list of broken stuff,
> for example the shutdown/reboot options don't show up in logout
> anymore, my friend said this is an acpi problem and i must try booting
> in some other kernel which i did, but the shutdown options didnt show
> up there too. am not sure now if this shutdown options thing is a KDE
> bug or a kernel problem...what do you think?

While this might not be the solution to this particular
problem at this point in time, a couple of years ago the
Gnome desktop changed the code in gnome-session.c to it
would not do reboot or shutdown (or present the options) if
the system was in runlevel 3 or otherwise not using GDM.
(They've been watching Redmond too closely.)

Robert Riches
(Yes, that is one of my email addresses.)