thought I'd give '09 a shot on the dual-core this aft... looks pretty,
loads nice reboot-----> grub error 2...hmmm..okay if grub has a prob
we'll use lilo..reboot---->success! 3D works great, uses the 8800GT
nicely.. let's try a dvd... Dragon looks pretty, won't play ANYTHING..
install dvd.. walk Tombraider over to the
old P4 comp running dvd.. work on that later. Superkaramba
installs but won't load any widgets... Kross errors on everything. It's
not at all what I'm used to but neither was Linux when I first started
using it. Okay either things work very well or not at all. That's enough
for one day, put the Windblows drive back in, restart the comp...BLUE
SCREEN OF DEATH!! finally...some justice in the My humble
opinion of '09, it's gonna be great when they get the other half the meantime, the mandriva '08 comp and the Ubuntu comp are
running we'll stick to that for now... as for fixing the
windows comp...where DID I put that hammer???