I have some older computers with disks and plenty of RAM. What I want
to achieve is to set up a machine to automatically get the login screen
of a remote machine. I can already log into the remote machine using
XDMCP, and it would be OK if XDMCP was displayed on the local machine
instead of a local graphic login. I don't think I really want to set up
diskless workstations, though I can be convinced if the process is dead
simple. :-)

My local machine currently has a fairly complete Mandrake 2008.1 free
install, the remote machine has non-free 2008.0. How do I configure the
local machine to automatically attach to the remote machine, instead of
the local machine? For the future, what is the minimum install I can do
to make a machine into a terminal like this?

TIA for any help offered!