Cloned some systems today: 1 Mandriva 2008.1 master system to 7 copies.
My scripts took care of all the cloning gotchas that I was aware of,
but one more turned up. One of the 7 clones has the monitor, keyboard
and mouse attached through a KVM, in all the other systems these are
directly attached. When the system came up the following changes were
noted (via my script, which compares to saved versions of
/etc and a few other files elsewhere in the system):

1. xorg.conf had been rewritten, with an input device for the kvm USB
device added. The mouse and keyboard devices were unchanged.

2. modprobe.preload had been rewritten, with "evdev" added.

3. in /etc/rc.d/rc.* the netfs, nfs-common, and portmap links had
changed their S* and K* values (their start/stop order had changed).

Now I sort of understand how 1 and 2 came about. At boot the hardware
detection saw the new USB device (the KVM switch), and did what it could
to accommodate it via the evdev modules. But what about (3)? evdev
doesn't seem to have anything to do with networking, so why did it
shuffle around these three init scripts in the startup and shutdown order?


David Mathog