The following problem just started appearing recently: I have Mandriva
2008.1 installed and I log into a gnome session. My computer starts
running through the steps of the gnome set-up so at some point the
menu bar appears, but then the set up seems to hang. I have the usual
splashscreen in the background (the blue helix) but my chosen
background image doesn't appear, and the desktop icons don't appear
either. The system is not frozen , I can select and run programs from
the menu that has appeared (but rightclicking the mouse on the desktop
does nothing). In other words the system seems to run i through some
steps of the gnome installation and then just quits at some
point...Now the strange part is that if I log out at this point and
then log back in the gnome set up works as it should (I get my
background and desktop icons). This log in-log out-log in sequnece
seems to work all the time.

Can anyone give me a clue on what's causing this problem or tell me
where I can find documentation about the sequence that gnome follows
on start up (so I can try to find the step where the installation
screws up)