hi to all,
it's a pleasure for the MIB Team to announce that the second MIB live
Games DVD has been released: it is a revised version of Mandriva 2008.1
One edition, but it is more bigger (2 GB) and contains a lot of the best
games availables for the Linux world. We distribute it in 2 different
DVDs, that contain different games (MIB Live games DVD1: supertux,
freecive, globulation2, supertuxkart, warzone2100, flightgear and many
others - MIB Live games DVD2: kdegames4, torcs, wesnoth, opencity,
openarena, wormux, gnome-games, nexuiz and so on..). You can play to all
of these games in Live mode, and if you prefer, you can install the
distro to the hard disk using the "Live install" option. Everything is
Mandriva easy, but more funnier!! Good Download!

Marcello Anni - MIB Team

More info here: