The nvidia man pages are oddly constructed for Mandriva 2008.1 so that
they do not index properly.


% makewhatis
% man -k nvidia
nv (4) - NVIDIA video driver
nvidia [] (1) - settings - configure the NVIDIA graphics driver
nvidia [] (1) - xconfig - manipulate X configuration files for the
NVIDIA driver

Notice the empty [] and " - something - " in the definition on the last two?

% man 1 nvidia
No entry for nvidia in section 1 of the manual

The names have been split so that the second part of the name
"nvidia-something" shows up in the definition and not the name. They
are actually

% man nvidia-settings
% man nvidia-xconfig

The source files are like this:

% ls /usr/share/man/man1/nvidia*

which are actually links to two files in /etc/alternatives which
in turn link BACK to two different files in the original directory:


These man pages are from:


David Mathog