Can anyone out there happily capture PCM sound (anything being played)
on 64 bit Mandriva?

I had this working almost right away on my old 32bit box (AC97), however
it's proving to be a complete PITA this time around. Ive played with
aumix, kimx, alsa, oss , pulseaudio, arecord -L , asoundrc blah blah.

Closest I get is a distorted sound despite trying varing sample rates,
mobo sound card (Intel), a USB sound card(CMedia), disabling mobo card
in BIOS, etc.

I'll give it another spin soon, but would just like to be certain it
does work OK under 64bit before continuing with another 2hour session!

Playback is fine, I'm happily routing sound all over the place, just
cant capture the bugger...