I have been using http://bluez.sourceforge.net/contrib/HOWTO-PAN


to try and configure Bluetooth Networking from several of my Mandriva boxes
to my Tungsten E2 and treo 650 in order to enable an Internet connection
over the bluetooth. I ultimately want to connect our GP2x so that my wife
can use the Internet whilst outside with our dogs during the summer.
However, having followed the instructions from the above links I can never
get the bnep0 device to come up and start an IP session.
Both devices can talk to the computer over bluetooth for file transfer or to
synchronise. Worse is that it works really easily over ICS on Windows XP,
however, I really don't want to leave an XP box up all day unattended in my
attic just to enable ICS to our garden.
The modules are loaded for bnep and bcm43xx for the BT device.

Does anyone know if there are any 'gotchas' on the above information
sources, or is it possible that the connections are timing out purely due
to the boxes not being fast enough processing (Duron 850 512MB RAM, Athlon
2000XP 1GB RAM both failing under Mandriva, but Laptop with P4,2.8GHZ 512MB
and Windows XP works)

I've just been trying to see if it will work on Mandriva under VMWare on my
laptop, however, VMware is giving warnings of the BT adapter not supporting
PAND in a virtual environment.

Andrew Ed