I'm planning a new home system (have already ordered 2008.1 PWP
for it); I'm currently running 2008.0 PWP on my workstation at
the office (will probably upgrade it also), and have a question
about (large-dataset) sneakernet between the two:

Can I hot-plug an e-SATA external drive?

Amazon has 500GB e-SATA/USB2 Seagates for about $150, and I need
this much space for my "working data". This would be *lots*
faster than USB2 or Firewire...

New system will be an Intel DP35DP (with e-SATA on-board);
office is an IBM Intellistation Pro (Can you suggest a
well-supported e-SATA controller? Or is this non-issue?)


Carlie J. Coats, Jr.
Environmental Modeling Center
Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems, LLC.