I want to read/write access the C drive of my Win2K box from mdv2008 via
login (i.e. no one else should see/access it).

It seems that I'm close, but I get 'permission denied' - I'm not sure which
end has the problem.

Suggestions welcome.

This is what I did:

a) On the W2K box, created a new share. Set the permission to
w2kboxname\tarvydas. (Is this a local-only login? If so, what should I
enter here?).

b) used kde control center Network Sharing >> Share Data with Windows
System, searched the servers, opened up the w2k box, right-clicked on the
new share and set the login name and password and mount point (/mnt/C).

c) Hit "mount". It appeared to be happy. (The "mount" button turned
into "unmount").

d) Open "Storage Media" icon and double-clicked on the new (remote) share.
At this point I get "Permissions Denied".

I'd be happy to use any other tool(s), as long as I get back-and-forth
access to the drive.