On 4 Feb 2008 David W. Hodgins wrote:

> On Sat, 02 Feb 2008 22:01:37 -0500, Doug Laidlaw
> wrote:
>> When I try to shut down my Mandriva 2008, I get an error message that
>> several of the partitions are busy and cannot be unmounted. *This occurs
>> at

> Temporarily modify /etc/rc.d/init.d/halt. *Add "lsof >
> /root/openfiles.txt",
> after the hardware clock sync, before the unmounting of tmpfs. *After
> a reboot, check the /root/openfiles.txt, to see which programs are causing
> the problem. *Then you have to figure out why they are not terminating.
> Regards, Dave Hodgins

(Sorry, only my original post was still in the thread on my computer - the
reverse of what I would have expected.

I think that I have caught it. There were quite a few lines in a normal
openfiles.txt, but the one after a failure showed 6 or more entries for
kmix. I keep Kmix running in my KDE system tray, but on the "good" log, it
didn't seem to be there at all. As you say, now to find out why. From
memory, I didn't use Kmix at all during the session, but I did unplug my
USB headset to make room for a second, temporary flash drive. It usually
helps to stop and re-start Kmix after doing anything like that.