Alan Secker wrote:
> After rebooting my machine tonight and must have hit some key
> combination that makes KDE come up looking as though it has been shoved
> three centimetres to the right.
> The initial splash screen and text comes up as usual but as soon as
> X-Windows starts up everything appears right-shifted.
> This has not been caused by the monitor, which cannot compensate for it
> anyway.
> Can I edit some coordinates that will fix this? I cannot run a browser
> at the moment as the right hand side is obscured!
> (I posted this yesterday to the Mandriva NG but the replies so far are not
> very helpful).

I don't know what replies you have received so far but xvidtune may give
you some idea of what your screen is doing. It also allows you to move
the screen and then print out the ModeLine for your x config. I know it
looks pretty ghastly and comes with a fatalistic warning :-)