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> Booted into the rescue mode using MDV 2008.0 CD1 (and "text
> acpi=off"), went to console, mounted
> the partitions - they looked fine. Ran uname -a from the mounted
> partition and it showed

uname will show you the version from the running kernel, not the
one from the mounted partition, although in this case, they should
be the same.

> Checked lilo, failsafe was set to "failsafe acpi=off" Back into the
> BIOS and shut off everything I could think
> of that wasn't absolutely needed:

In /etc/udev/rules.d, udev will have stored information for some of
the devices that were there during the first failed boot.

For example, 61-block_config.rules will contain info about the cd,
61-net_config.rules will have info about ethernet devices, etc.

Try deleting the lines from each file that has been updated since
the initial install.

Regards, Dave Hodgins

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