Wes Newell wrote:

>Then report the abuse. They will kick him off the server and he will lose
>what he's paid so far (if anything). Personally, I think MI5 just needs to
>make him vanish.:-)

Mike Corley (his most well known pseudonym, but not his real name) has
been asked how on Earth he is able to afford all these expenses, such as
a spectrum analyzer to search for the mind-control broadcasts, an EM
shielded tent (which he says don't work, of course), expensive lawyers
(who string him along for months before admitting that they can't take
his litigation against MI5 any further), computers to spam Usenet and to
fax all the news services and Members of Parliament, and of course
endless new accounts with Usenet services. (His regular trips to
hospital and his home-treatment visits are paid for by the British
National Health Service.)

His answer: "Credit cards - they're magic!"

I guess that the credit card companies only discover that he's seriously
mentally ill *after* he's maxed each card, and they quietly write off
their loss.

Dave Farrance