> on Saturday 01 December 2007 14:07
> in the Usenet newsgroup alt.os.linux.mandriva
> Jim Beard wrote:
>>>> I did find a multimedia kernel. Does anyone know how
>>>> well this one works?

Peter D. wrote:
> It looks like a Mandriva kernel, so I guess it won't cause you too much
> grief, but you are pretty much on your own with anything other than the
> recommended kernel.

True. I decided that at worst it would simply wreck my system
and force a full restore from backup. I am toying with that idea
anyway, as my "upgrade" is continuing to result in system crashes.
I have had to recompile all kernels on hand to keep them in
sync with the nVidia drivers (same compiler must be used for
kernel and drivers -- used to be 4.1, now 4.2.2), but the problem
definitely recurs on everything except 2.6.17-15 and that one
has not been tested enough to know if it will work consistently.

Anyway, the kernel is a plain vanilla Linus kernel plus Andres
Morton's patches. No Mandriva patches or 3d-party code included.
During boot, I got a few error messages about support not available
and some other weird (to me) things.

If I knew where to find instructions on reporting bugs in this
particular branch of the kernel, I might take the effort to report.
For the moment, I have other tasks of higher priority than searching
for where to report.

On the positive side, the DKMS software has been compiling nVidia
drivers like a champ! If the source or devel package is in the
proper place with appropriate symlink for /usr/src/linux, all I
have to do is reboot to the recompiled kernel and new drivers are
compiled smooth as silk. This is (in my experience) a great
departure for everything I have used from Mandrake 8.1 onward.


jim b.

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