I just spent two days setting up Mandriva 2008 on my 863 pent 3 and
loved every minute of it. Don't get me wrong, the initial loading went
like a dream, I've been a Mandriva user since 7.2. It was loading all
the extra packages and customizing that gave me a Christmas in October.
One thing though. The new KDE Krita art package hangs up on its 'water
color' function. Is this par for the program's course or is it my
machine? I'm talking of the 3.5.7 version rather than the try-out 3.9.x
The Mandriva mirror really came through with a choice of CD iso's or
DVD. If any one remembers the 2007 Spring lacked the CD choice. The 2008
version was, I think, worth the wait. Another thing, for anyone out
there that might be interested, e-17 os downloads with a task file and
works at the drop of a hat. Mandriva control center juust keeps getting
better and better.