On Oct 17, 8:00 pm, Unruh wrote:
> gp writes:
> >On Oct 13, 11:05 pm, Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> >> Unruh wrote:
> >> > What has happened to theMandrivaclub? It used to be when I logged on it
> >> > told me I was a standard member with x days left. Now it simply states
> >> > that I am a club member. And nowhere do I see anything WRT different
> >> > levels of club membership. In fact there seems to be a little icon that
> >> > states that club membership is free.
> >> > Is this correct? Hasmandrivaabandoned the club? Is it now just a
> >> > feelgood organization? What is the status of the club?

> >> I have just been to the page. It told me that I was a member (but not my
> >> membership category) and the number of days I have left. If I have only so
> >> many days, another sub is expected. There was no mention of downloads for
> >> 2008, but they are there. I downloaded the 2008 PWP torrent, and it is
> >> specifically coded for me (that seems to cause problems on the server, I
> >> noticed last year: I finished up being able to connect only indirectly.

> >> Doug.

> >I've also seen that my standard club membership has been converted to
> >a powerpack subscription, but when I go to the torrents link I'm told
> >that I need to purchase a subscription!

> That is because you forgot to log on, or forgot to enable cookies.
> so it could remember your logon. I got that too if I did not log on.

Thanks, but I am logged on (and cookies are enabled). If you (or
anyone) knows an email address that I can use to contact someone at
Mandriva about this, I'd be grateful if you pass it on.