Mandriva 2007.0 and Firefox

Up to 1 or 2 weeks ago accessing pdf's and .doc files from websites worked
OK, but now these files do not show anymore. All I get is a blank window
and "Done" in the status line. I have no idea what I could have changed in
its configuration. The files do show up correctly when I access the same
site with Konqueror, but I prefer to use Firefox.....

I checked with another user on the same machine, and for that user, all
works well with Firefox. So I checked both users where "pdf" is mentioned
in their .mozilla directory and found the lines in the pluginreg.dat file
to be identical.

Any idea as to where the different behavior may be defined???

Herman Viaene
Veel mensen danken hun goed geweten aan hun slecht geheugen. (G. Bomans)

Lots of people owe their good conscience to their bad memory (G. Bomans)