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> GLR-David Hepworth (9/May/1997)
> Certainty level: 100%
> This time I deliberately listened to Hepworth with the sound turned up on
> the radio, to try to get a reaction. Sure enough, he and his cronies
> reacted;
> David: "we have executive drivetime, and we have Brian in charge of the prize
> cupboard. Brian it's not a bad prize cupboard this week is it?"
> Brian: "no David in fact it's an absolute (EMPHASIS) embarrassment
> (END-EMPHASIS) of prizes this evening" (laughter)
> David: "what have we got?"
> Brian: "well in my left hand alone we've got that .... Gary Clale, I don't
> know if you remember him obviously still alive and kicking.... and that's
> just in my left hand"
> David: "So it's certainly worth competing. Rock and roll spelling test is
> your first opportunity to take advantage of this embarrassment of prizes"
> What I "read into" this item should again be quite obvious. Remember, I
> sent off a letter of complaint to Hepworth after his spying activity
> during the previous show. Here the emphasis on "absolute embarrassment"
> of prizes shows he knows this is a "key" phrase.
> It might be interesting to try to talk to DJs like Hepworth and ask them
> what they get out of abusing their listeners. But if you challenge them
> directly, they show their true colour (yellow) by either not answering
> the challenge, or by denying that harassment has taken place.
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