Hi all.
Well, after almost 5 years of trusty work it's finally time to get some
"sharper" hardware, later tonight I will upgrade this machine with an
Athlon 3000 cpu together with a "new" motherboard and 1 gb of memory...I
feel a little sorry, this hardware I have now have served me good for
these years with Linux...That is more than I can say about my Windblows
machine..But, I think that the local-penguin will be happy with the
upgrade and some shorter response time..will report back after upgrade =0)

Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2007 (Linuxcounter #432950) (Icq 242808721)

Abit KG7A Mainboard, 750 Mb Memory, AMD Athlon XP 1700+ CPU,
Nvidia (Albatron) GeForce FX5700 Ultra 128 Mb