> Robert M. Riches Jr. wrote:
>> Did you install updates? IIRC, there were some heavy X
>> problems with the initial 2006 X server.


Blinky the Shark wrote:
> No. Downloading them would take up all of my time, here on the dialup.
> Also, back when I started using Mandrake in 2002, I did try to do some
> updating and wasn't able to, for some reason. Couldn't get urpmi to
> find the files, or they were broke, or something. So between that and
> the narrowband, I gave up.

The problem is defined. 2006.0 had big-time problems with flaws in
the initial version of X. I am surprised it has performed well enough
for you to continue using it. And then a few months later, there
was another wholesale revision of X. After that, it worked fine.

My recommendation would be 2007.1. I have a spare DVD, provided by
Patrick while I was waiting for Mandriva to ship the one I paid for.
Send me a snail-mail addy if you want it.

Oh, BTW, your machine does have 256MB, I trust. I am still smarting
over inability to make 2007.1 work properly on my old Gateway with 128 MB.


jim b.

UNIX is not user-unfriendly; it merely
expects users to be computer-friendly.