I am very happy with the out of box ease of use for basic utility for
the mouse, any mouse now, but real "multiple mouse button" detection
and extra feature adaptation seems lacking. Is someone working on this?

I have mice with seven buttons, with side scrolling wheels and mice
that have no tails. They all work fine for what they are intend3ed for,
to one degree or another, the mouse that does side scroll is touchy on
the "select and middle click paste" feature that i love. I use it all
the time to goto web sites, selecting just a portion of a link or tto
get around the fact that displayed addys are different from the
underlying link.

I have these mice because of other features that attracted me or
because of price.

I am not complaining, I know mice manufacturers should be making
the configs available to9 us, I just asking if someone is aware of work
being done here