Just got around to installing spring - free from the Linux Pro magazine
DVD on my Gateway laptop. I must say I've had a pretty pleasant
experience. I've had trouble with the Gateway M305CRV laptop - it has a
borked video bios which has prevented me from getting the native 1024x768
with anything but the xigraphics commercial driver - and it was not
totally suitable. I found the new intel driver listed at the end of the
release notes, so decided to give it a whirl. Relatively painless except
that with the 800x600 I had to do a xrandr rotate in order to be able to
see the screen to complete the changes with gdmsetup; rebooted and it
works quite nicely. It also took a couple of cycles to get the Atheros
based wireless card playing right, but not a huge problem.

At any rate, I'm happy with that for now.