Marc Paré a écrit :
> Just in case anyone has ever purchased on of these cards. You can often
> buy then for approx. $20 Cdn but they do not have a Vendor ID that
> Mandriva can use to identify the card or to set it up. The card uses a
> SAA7130 chip from Philips Semiconductors.
> In order to set it up:
> . go to the MCC
> . choose hardware
> . find the card in the hardware list and run setup
> . put in the following: Tuner: 39 Card: 3 gbuffer: 4
> . reboot your system
> . you now have a working TV-Card(Tuner) working on your Mandriva
> Hope this may come in handy for anyone buying this card. I works well
> and I have already installed 5 in Mandriva boxes. It also comes with a
> remote but I haven't quite figured this out yet.
> Cheers
> Marc

Just an update on this card. I have installed Mandriva2007.1 Spring and
the card well on the system configured as above.