Does anyone have recent experience with the Microtel AMD
systems? I'm inclined to one of two offered, but useful
details on the website are not real great. There is some
information on the Microtel sale of computers preloaded with
linux through Walmart, but there is some question if this
old (Mandrake 8.2-era) information remains pertinent.

I am looking at an AMD 64X2 Dual Core 4800+ AM2 CPU,
memory speed 400 or 533 MHz, case/power supply 300W
or 400W, optional Video either NVIDIA GeForce 7300 256MB
or NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT 512MB, Ultra ATA or Serial
ATA 250 GB hard drives, other features pretty standard.

The choices above pertain to a system with no OS (but
slower, smaller power supply, etc) or a "gamer" machine
that comes with Micro$loth XP installed and costs about
$300 more.

Any recommendations? I can provide more glittering
generality descriptions from the website if anyone
wants to look at them.


jim b.

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