Does anyone have their PDA connected to 2007.0 via Synce. Mine is a
HPrz1710, connected directly to USB0.

I've followed the synce instructions, but am unclear how to adjust my
firewall (shorewall) to allow ports access.

The instruction say:
Configuring the Firewall

SynCE requires the following TCP ports to be open in the firewall
between your PC and the device:

From device to PC

* 5678
* 5679

From PC to device

* 990

Refer to the documenation of your Linux distribution for details on how
to allow traffic on these ports between your PC and device. Some details
that might be of interest when configuring the firewall:

When the synce-serial scripts are used, the device is connected via PPP.
The default local IP address of the PPP connection is and
the default remote IP address is These IP addresses can
be changed by passing different parameters to the synce-serial-config
tool. Run synce-serial-config without parameters, read its man page or
read its wiki page to know more.

Thnx in advance.