Finally broke down and bought a couple of 320GB sata drives to add to my
server. Base system is mandriva 2005LE running vanilla kernel

Installed, booted, modprobe sata_nv, created raid 0 array with just the 2
drives (for HDTV storage), formatted, tested. Added sata_nv to
modprobe.preload rebooted.

Crapped out on boot. Seems mdadm is being run before sata_nv is loaded.
Well, I didn't want to recompile the kernel with built in sata_nv support,
so I stuck the loading of it in the middle of rc.sysint.

# Remove stale backups
rm -f /etc/mtab~ /etc/mtab~~

modprobe sata_nv

# Enter root, /proc and (potentially) /proc/bus/usb and devfs into mtab.

Works fine now, Just wondering how they handle this now?

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