On Tue, 03 Apr 2007 02:43:32 +0000, Evo wrote:

> kLUTZ wrote:
>> Live tv is a new Forefox plug in. it can be accessed through the Torrent
>> search tool bar plug in or you can download the tool bar from
>> http://www.tv-toolbar.com/ It is asking me for some plug ins but does not
>> identify them.
>> This looks like a good idea, but only a small part of the choices actually
>> work.
>> Any ideas will be appreciated.
>> Klutzier than most.

> From their site System Requirements:
> ? Windows 2000/XP
> ? Internet Explorer 5.0-7.0
> System Requirements:
> ? Windows 2000/XP
> ? Internet Explorer 5.0-7.0

I am running Mandriva 2007, Firefox
I have the torrent search toolbar installed as an addon to Firefox. I have
opened the far right icon on the toolbar and I have watched Flight of the
Navagator, Robin Williams on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and a Jim Carry
skit about being in shape.

I can not get all the selections to work. Right now I will mark it up to
they are still working on bugs. I am still getting that I need to download
some plugins but it does not identify there names. Possibly this will also
change with time.

Klutzier than most.