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> Linux #1 SMP Fri Oct 1 11:24:45 CEST
> 2004 i686 Intel(R) Xeon(TM) MP CPU 3.00GHz unknown GNU/Linux
> Hi all,
> Where is the first place I should be looking as a source of the problem,
> if the 'top' command is hanging? By this I mean, I type the command, hit
> enter, and nothing happens, the cursor goes to the next line, but nothing
> else. No top results, no new command prompt. CTRL-C, won't back out of it,
> I have to close my terminal emulator window.
> I can't just reboot as it's a business system server handling 300 users. I
> can schedule a reboot as a last resort, but I'd prefer to know the source
> of the problem, in case it's a symptom of a bigger impending issue.
> Thanks for any advice in advance.
> Best Regards,

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