Chris Cox wrote:
> Not me wrote:
>> Sorry had to repost, I wrote down the wrong addy...
>> Has anybody ran into this same problem??
>> I just installed the ACX100sta drivers for my DWL-650+ PCMCIA to be
>> detected
>> in Mandrake 9.1.... it works by detecting BUT it is (or something is
>> anyways) causing my cpu to over heat. It says it running between the
>> range
>> of 98-99 and my fan is always on high blowing out hotair.

> Uhhh... if the fan is on full blast AND the machine overheats,
> then this clearly broken HW or a broken design.
> Now, it is a well known problem that some newer laptops don't
> like the Linux acpi implementation and won't run their fan
> at all... in those cases, often times you can revert back
> to just apm and the fan will return.

When your cpu over heats it is a clear sign that you need to take your
computer to the PC shop to have them clean it out with an anti static
cleaner, o ryou can use you average house hold vacuum clean (not
recommended due to damage from possible electrostatic discharge).
As always you should use a grounding mat and a anti static wrist strap
when work inside a computer case, It is highly recommended that you do
not keep your computer chassis on the floor , due to dust (I.E> keep
thoes chassis on your desk and don't prohibit air from flowing through
the vents) Do not by any means lay a tower chassis on edge as this could
result in read errors from your cd dvd read/writer.