A month or so ago, I mentioned that I'd lost the main menu in gvim, and
all I had was the toolbar. Some of you pitched in with various ideas
concerning the state of gvimrc files.

This weekend I noticed that if I ran gvim as *root*, I had the menu.
And the toolbar below it.

But never when I ran as blinky.

So I went looking for a difference between root's gvimc and blinky's.

Nothing there to explain it.

Here comes the AHA!

Then, looking at a gvim window as blinky, I dragged the toolbar...and
the menu was behind it. Somehow it had got positioned so that it
*covered* the menu.

But this uncovered a gvim bug.


When you undock the menu, you can't redock it. It just sits there on
the screen, detached from gvim, all on its own -- and you can't move it
at all. Anywhere. Not a bit.

So now I had my long-lost gvim menu back; but my toolbar was off in
outer space. And shutting down and restarting gvim didn't make any
difference -- the menu came up in that same unattached place and
wouldn't be moved.

The simple fix in that bug report - removing a file in ~/.gnome2 - did
the trick. Next time I ran gvim the toolbar was docked again -- and the
menu was above it just like it should be.


(I noticed in a terminal window from which I ran gvim the bonobo errors,
which give me some new language to Google on, and that bug page came up
as the first hit on bonobo_dock_item_get_orientation .)

So this is for the archive for the next guy that this happens to.

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