I have a simple network; an ADSL modem / firewall ( with
an Ethernet port, a main computer running Mandriva 2007.0 (various
kernels, currently vanilla with two Ethernet ports
(, and a second computer running various
Linuxes with one Ethernet port (

The odd thing is that with the computer to computer link unplugged
the main computer will boot and run, happily communicating with the
outside world. But, when the computer to computer Ethernet cable is
plugged in the main computer disconnects from the outside world. Why?
The two computers can be made to talk to each other and the link to
the modem / firewall can be brought up again by clicking on the
"connect" button. (Mcc -> Network & Internet -> Monitor the network

I've only tried to use the graphical tools, because I thought there
would be less chance of me stuffing things up.

The modem / firewall could be swapped for an older one with four
Ethernet ports, but that would be cheating. ;-)

There are complications. I want to economise on configuration and
security hassles by only having one computer directly connected to
the Big Bad Internet. I want to muck about with Cooker and economise
on downloads, so I want to download and keep sections of the Cooker
tree on one or other machine. Possibly I should use the main machine
as an ftp proxy for the second?

Follow up set to a.o.l.mandriva.


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Peter D.