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    On Sun, 15 Jul 2007 12:26:39 +0200, me wrote:
    > tesgt

    Welcome to this Usenet group.
    The following is just an FYI and no response is needed.

    Since the post showed up here, the test failed.
    Do you know about the 400+ test groups on Usenet?
    The ones ending in .test.

    Some interesting information about test posts may be found in

    Please use something like alt.test or misc.test for testing.
    For binary test, use something like alt.binaries.test

    For a more productive Usenet exeprience, please, read
    and http://tgos.org/newbie/index2.html

    For odd punctuation marks seen at end of text, you might look at

    Note: You may want to save those urls. I have been posting this for
    more than 4 years with the archive flag set so that servers
    honoring the flag can delete this post. That saves some space on
    the server due to the amount of newbies posting test messages to
    live news groups.

    Again, the regulars here would appreciate no response by anyone.

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