The other night I pulled out my ATI Radeon card, which I can't
get to work with Mandriva 2007, and installed an nVidia 6200.
I couldn't get the card to run with the nVidia driver, and I
decide to reboot. When I did, the boot text quit printing at one
point, then the DVD drawer opened by itself. I guessed that it
was trying to load the nVidia specific RPMs and pressed return
a couple times, knowing that if I could see text it would be
asking me to first press return when the DVD was inserted, and
then ask me if I wanted to continue to install the selected RPM
package(s), with a default of "Y". Well, that worked to load
the RPMs and finish booting. But, still the nVidia proprietary
driver would not load or run.

Eventually, I figured out that the ATI kernel module and ATI
specific dkms packges were still installed. When I forced the
removal of those packages, then dkms built the new nVidia kernel
module on the next boot. That allowed me to configure the X
server to use the proprietary nVidia driver and all is well now.

It kind of stinks that when the ATI card was removed and replaced
with an nVidia card that the automatic package installation stuff
didn't finish the job.

OK, this is going to to be accessible on a web search now for the
next poor person that faces this trouble.


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