For a while now I have been droning on about printer problems on my office
Mandriva 2006 machine. Convinced that the printer worked with a parallel
lead having tested it on a stand-alone machine, I tried that approach with
mine, without success.

On Friday, the husband of a colleague came in, made some intial tests and
invited me to reconnect with an ethernet lead, delete all printers under
CUPS and reinstall using the generic driver. Lo' and behold, a monochrome
test print was generated. 'It's the driver' he said. I downloaded the
latest foomatic for the Magicolor 2300DL and followed the installation
instructions. Guess what? It didn't work.

Flushed with disappointment, I tried to reinstall some of the remaining
printers (all Brothers) that had previously been accessible. The name
'Brother' no longer appeared in the CUPS list! I have since got one of
them working by applying the HP 5 driver but I'm beginning to look over my