I'm not sure how many of you create an auto-install floppy at the
end of installing the distribution, but I always do so that I
don't have as much manual interaction if/when I want to reinstall
the system the same way I did before. Mandriva 2007 won't create
the auto-install floppy, but doesn't report any problems. It
just refuses to write to the floppy. This was reported before:


In case you want to watch to see when the bug is fixed. For what
it's worth, creating the package selection floppy works fine.

The rest of the installer seems pretty nice to me, with new
features (like setting the user ID and group ID when creating
accounts) rather than just eye candy changes. In fact, it's the
most improved installer that I've seen since Mandrake 7 came on
the scene.


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