A short while ago I sought an answer here to a disappearing menus
and file associations problem in my Mandriva 2006. Neither this nor
Google brought any remotely helpful solutions, so rather then live with
half-broken desktop I decided to let 2006 hit the digital scrap heap and
welcome the new contender - 2007. I never succeeded in network install
of 2006, but the same for upgrade to 2007 went smooth as butter. The
installer is pretty slick and it's built-in mirrors actually work, so
there's no need to tug a notepad.
As for the aforementioned problem, it was cured 100%. That alone
made the upgrade worthwhile. The only minor setback so far was that I
lost Open Office somehow during the upgrade, which I'm fixing now with
urpmi. I also had to recompile aMule to comply with new wxgtk libs. I
have to say that that the wxgtk apps look slicker then ever. KDE 3.5
seems snappier also(I haven't tried Gnome yet). Another benefit of
upgrading was curing the long startup times of xmms and its weird font
corruptions; xmms starts now within 2 seconds.
I'm thus far very impressed with this distro and highly encourage
everyone to take the plunge and welcome the new year early.