Okay guys (and gals)...

Due to the escalation and seemingly endless tirade of obsessive-compulsive,
psychotically delusional, maniacally hatred-driven and above all quite
useless flame posts from *Matt* */left_coast,/* I would like to propose an
official institution of the rationale suggested earlier on one of
the /A.O.L.M/ groups by one of the other regulars - I believe it
was /Bit/ /Twister/ but it may have been someone else - as a variation of
Godwin's Law.

For those of you unfamiliar with Godwin's Law - unfortunately often abused
by people who don't know what it _really_ means - it is a generally
accepted unofficial Usenet principle which states that any thread in which
a debate is conducted and in which one of the debating parties mentions the
Nazis is to be abandoned immediately.

The rationale is that if both parties are persistent enough about their
case, they will end up comparing the other party to the Nazis, and doing
that - at least, in Godwin's views - is inexcusable, since it would compare
trivial issues to the Holocaust conducted by the Nazis, and thus the thread
is to be forfeited.

We could pour the MLC Resolution into a simple mnemonic, something like...:

"Any thread in which Matt /left_coast/ posts three or more replies
is to be abandoned immediately by all of the involved."

The rationale behind it should then also be poured into a simple statistic

"Rationale: Every thread in which Matt /left_coast/ posts three or
more replies has a *99%* *probability* of having turned into a
debate, and any debate in which Matt /left_coast/ is involved will
with *100%* *certainty* deteriorate into a useless flamefest from
which there are only two ways out, i.e.:

#1 The other parties will eventually /killfile/ Matt /left_coast/
over his abuse and leave Matt to be the only person still
posting to the thread; or
#2 The other parties will concede to acknowledging that Matt
/left_coast/ has the absolute monopoly on All Virtues In
Existence(TM) - including the Absolute Truth(TM) - and will
apologize to Matt /left_coast/ for not having acknowledged his
Immaculate Perfection(TM) any sooner.

Given Matt /left_coast's/ delusional and psychotic nature and his
compulsion towards verbal abuse, option #2 will with a 99%
probability never occur in Real Life(TM). Therefore the thread is
to be abandoned with extreme prejudice."

For the sake of the newbies, the lurkers and anyone else unfortunate enough
to ever wind up in YAMLCFW - "Yet Another Matt Left Coast FlameWar"(TM) -
we could record this resolution on Blinky's website or we could refer to it
via a message ID, or we could even add it to the /A.O.L.M./ /FAQ./

How say you?

With kind regards,

(registered GNU/Linux user #223157)