For future reference...

After trying yesterday to get OpenOffice running remotely, and having it
crash X-win32 every time the word processor ran, I finally threw in the
towel on this old X11 server (version 4.x). By "crash" I don't mean the
one X11 window that started OpenOffice, I mean the entire X-win32 app!
The first time this happened it blew up about a dozen active rxvt and
xterm sessions. Starnet apparently fixed that OO bug in X-win32 6.x,
but since I was going to install a new X11 server on the PC anyway, I
gave Xming a try. It's free, no license issues, and it installs like a
normal Windows application - it doesn't need cygwin.

After installing Xming the firefox scroll bug went away and OpenOffice
ran without crashing the X11 server on the PC. All this through a putty
X11 tunnel. I have not run Xming long enough yet to know if it has
other bugs that X-win32 didn't, but at least in limited testing it seems
to be quite solid. It was a minor pain to get it to start the way I
wanted though. Starting it through Xlaunch each time required too many
clicks, starting Xming directly ignored the configuration settings. So
in the end...

1. Ran Xlaunch and at the last step saved the config in C:\Program
2. Created a .bat file C:Program Files\Xming\preset_xlaunch.bat
which contained this one line:

start xlaunch -run config.xlaunch

The "start" causes the command to run in the background, rather than
leaving the batch window hanging around.
3. Created a desktop icon for "all users" which runs this batch file,
named the icon "Xming".
4. Modified the shortcut to change the default icon to the one used
by Xming.exe.

Now when any user double clicks this desktop icon Xming starts up with
the proper configuration, ready to accept X11 tunnels from putty. The
X11 server can only be accessed locally since I did not accept the
Windows firewall offer to unblock the application.


David Mathog