On Sun, 19 Nov 2006 00:55:50 +0100, Walter Mautner wrote:

> Alan Secker wrote:
>> There was sound at first. Now there isn't. I get "Error while initializing
>> the sound driver:" According to the Control Center, alsa is running. I'm
>> stumped. I was planning t give this machine back to its grateful owner
>> tomorrow. I'm not so sure about the gratitude right now!

> Do not multipost. Crossposting to a view related groups is the thing to do
> right.

I don't usually. I slipped and it was gone.

> You didn't provide any information on what you changed, if it worked before,
> and what actually is the "sound driver" module/does it load with modprobe?

As explained elsewhere, I went through all the tests to no avail. I
uninstalled RealPlayer. No change. Then ckecked kmix for the nth time and
found 'capture' was right down. I upped that and sound returned to most
things except audio CDs. KsCD recognises the content because it displays
the titles but pressing 'Play' has no effect.