Hello All.

Has anyone managed to install MPlayer 1.0-rc1 on Mandriva 2006.0?

I can only find an RPM for 2007.

I have tried installing that and it complains about unable to find

I have compiled and installed x264 from source, from videolan.org.

It created libx264.so.54 in /usr/local/lib
I added links to them in

I have tried compiling MPlayer 1.0rc1 from source, but I have no had
much luck.

It gets most of the way through the make, but dies here:

libmpcodecs/libmpencoders.a(ve_x264.o): In function `x264enc_set_param':
ve_x264.c.text+0x160): undefined reference to `x264_param_parse'
ve_x264.c.text+0x1f2): undefined reference to `x264_param_parse'
ve_x264.c.text+0x206): undefined reference to `x264_param_parse'
libmpcodecs/libmpencoders.a(ve_x264.o): In function `config':
ve_x264.c.text+0x369): undefined reference to `x264_param_parse'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [mencoder] Error 1

A google search told me :

At one point my mplayer build failed in the linking phase with an error
message like undefined reference to `x264_param_parse'. This was because I
had only build a static x264 library, and the old dynamic library was
still lying around. The linker preferred the dynamic one and thus didn’t
see the newly built library at all.

But I am not sure how to get past this.

Any help would be great.